We are a family-run, medium-sized company with 85 years of tradition.

The philosophy of our company is characterized by long-term thinking and commitment. For our employees, we are the rock in the storm and offer a stable and safe working environment. Satisfied employees provide the momentum to produce high-quality, demanding products in large quantities.

Technology that connects.

As an international manufacturer of fasteners, there is a very high probability that you use our components in your everyday life.

  • You ski - your ski bindings contain TKG parts.
  • You start your car - your engine and your clutch contain TKG parts.
  • You open your cupboard - TKG parts are installed as fittings in the furniture.
  • You open your window - TKG parts are installed as window fittings.
  • Roof tiles on your roof are connected with TKG parts.

Become a part of our team.

If you are a technology enthusiast who likes to lend a hand, you will find individual career prospects at TKG.

We look forward to meeting you!

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